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S T O R Y  B E H I N D



The Apothecary & Co. is founded and captained by Fearn Kate.

Fearn Kate loves to live among flower birds and butterflies. She is an interior and event stylist, art director, product designer and globetrotter that never happy to sit still. 


With Fearn Kate’s degree in Fine Arts, Her works draw on imagination and believes. Her designs are delicate and lean towards natural elements, antiques, collectibles, loose floral & unique objects.


Ever since she began traveling to the hidden quarters that had been hidden in corners of the world had exposed her to varieties of mysterious and intriguing places and antiques. From there on, she continued to collect them little by little to the point where it galvanise her the idea of conveying it into a some kind of form. Natural Ensembles, Entomology and Curiosities has become her inspiration.







At The Apothecary Venue, you will be matched with a professional, passionate and design-savvy coordinator who will work with you to create a memorable and stylish event. Our ideal is to create precious moments with a unique experience by infusing each celebration with creativity and attention to details.. A n event of a lifetime that you will forever cherish. We believe that your special day matters; Our crew is here to bring your vision to life and be your support to make sure that the day will be an unforgettable experience. Let us do the hard work so that you can relax and savour the beauty of the moment with your special sweetheart.

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